What is PaperPort? PaperPort pp desktop icon What is PaperPort?

PaperPort is a paper management software package that helps you organize, access, share, and manage documents and image files on your personal computer. From PaperPort, you can:

  • Create, edit, and manage PDF documents.

  • Scan documents and photos directly to your desktop in popular file formats, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF and more.

  • Get photos from your digital camera and use PaperPort tools to organize and index them for easy retrieval.

  • Print documents to image or PDF files.

  • With a single click, take a snapshot of an Internet web page and place it on your PaperPort desktop.

  • Drag a scanned document to your word processing program, and let PaperPort automatically turn it into editable text.

  • Use image editing tools to improve the appearance of scanned documents and make photo pictures perfect.

  • Add sticky notes, text box type comments, highlights, clip art, different shapes and stamps to your documents and photos.

  • Stack and group documents and photos, just as you would with papers on your desk.

  • Convert documents and photos to other file formats.

  • Create and organize folders for filing your documents and photos, assign properties to folders to become common properties of files entering into them.

  • Find documents based on their properties and textual content using PaperPort’s powerful All-in-One Search tool.

  • Share files, documents, photos with others.

  • Send items to other programs without leaving PaperPort. PaperPort supports word processing, image processing, spreadsheet, fax, Internet e-mail, graphics, OCR, document management systems, and online service programs.

  • Scan in blank forms and let PaperPort automatically detect form fields so that you can easily fill in online forms.

Designed for home and business use, PaperPort provides all the basics of desktop organization in one easy-to-learn and easy-to-use program.

PaperPort caters for the needs of home and small office users, while PaperPort Professional provides advanced features suited to larger offices and network deployment. Features available only in the professional version are denoted with the following icon:

PaperPort pp professional icon What is PaperPort?



What is PaperPort?