To work with web folders and virtual folders

You can copy files from virtual folders and web folders to PaperPort:

  • A virtual folder provides folder-type access to certain types of files and folders on your computer or network, or on devices such as digital cameras and printers. Virtual folders are not actual physical folders, and instead, are logical groups that help you view, copy, and manage objects as if they were in a folder.

  • A web folder is a folder that resides on a web server, rather than on your computer. If your Windows operating system supports web folders and you have an account on a web server, you can add web folders to Neighborhood Network or My Network Places. For details, see your Windows help.

Although you cannot add a virtual or web folder to PaperPort as a PaperPort folder, you can easily obtain files from these special folders. Specifically, you can:

  • Open a virtual folder or a web folder in Windows Explorer, and then drag and drop files from the folder to the PaperPort desktop, the Folders pane, or to the Send To bar.

  • Copy and paste files to and from a virtual or web folder.

  • Copy an entire virtual or web folder to the Folders pane.


Working with web folders and virtual folders