About Capture Assistant

The Capture Assistant assists you through the document scanning process.

PaperPort pp professional icon About Capture Assistant

It looks differently in the PaperPort versions. In PaperPort Professional, the Capture Assistant consists of two windows: First, Scanning window shows pages as they are scanned and lets you rotate, reorder or delete pages or mark pages as blank.  Then the PaperPort – Scan dialog box lets you enter item properties. Other versions display just the PaperPort – Scan dialog box. 

Turning on / off

You can turn the Capture Assistant on or off with the Show Capture Assistant checkbox on the Scan or Get Photo pane.

If the Capture Assistant is turned on, you have control over the scanning process: you decide when to continue scanning, when to scan the other side of the pages and when to finish scanning. Button choices are: Scan More Pages, Scan Other Side, Done (in PaperPort Professional, Done Scanning).

If the Capture Assistant is turned off, the process ends automatically after scanning the pages and the document is put on the PaperPort desktop.

Modifying document names when scanning is done

You can modify the Document Name and Notes offered automatically by the program in the PaperPort – Scan dialog box.

Modifying item properties when scanning is done

For PDF or MAX output, there are three additional fields enabled in the PaperPort – Scan dialog box: Subject, Keywords and Author. These fields will automatically be filled in from the Folder Notes of the target folder if the Automatically add keywords from Folder Notes option on the Output panel of Settings – Scanning was turned on. If this option was turned off, the Subject, Keywords and Author fields remain blank. You can enter values manually in these fields, or modify the contents of the fields.


If you decide to continue scanning, and press Scan More Pages or Scan Other Side, the content of the Document Name field will not be saved. If the Capture Assistant is displayed again for the same scan session, this field will not contain the changes you made earlier.



About Capture Assistant