Capture Assistant in PaperPort Professional

PaperPort pp professional icon Capture Assistant in PaperPort Professional

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.


In PaperPort Professional, the Capture Assistant consists of two different windows: first the Scanning window appears, then the PaperPort – Scan dialog box.

The Capture Assistant opens once scanning is started (provided the Show Capture Assistant checkbox  is turned on in the Scan or Get Photo pane). The current scan profile name is displayed in its title bar. With Capture Assistant you have full control over the scanning and file creating process.


PaperPort capture%20assistant Capture Assistant in PaperPort Professional


The boundary markers in the example show Create Single-page items is selected.

Thumbnail view

This is at the top, where scanned pages appear one by one. While scanning, each new page appears at the place indicated by the Scanner thumbnail. Document boundary markers indicate the starting and end points of page ranges that belong together and will be saved into the same document file. These markers are only displayed if either of the following options is turned on in the currently used scan profile:

  • Blank page is job separator

  • Create single-page items

Page Thumbnail Toolbar

The Page Thumbnail Toolbar is under the thumbnail view. Depending on the scan profile settings, some buttons may be disabled. Use this toolbar to rotate, reorder, delete pages and mark pages as blank / not blank.

Status message — This shows the number of scanned pages.

Click the Scan More Pages button if you want to add more pages to the document(s). This could be necessary if, for example, the ADF cannot hold all the pages for a document file.

Use the Scan Other Side button if you are scanning double-sided documents. First put one side of all pages in the ADF then turn the entire stack over and click the Scan Other Side button to scan the reverse sides. PaperPort will interleaf the pages.

Click the Done Scanning button when you have finished scanning all the needed pages.

Select the Modify Document Name and Notes checkbox to display the PaperPort – Scan dialog box when scanning is done. It lets you enter or modify the item properties and the document name.




Capture Assistant in PaperPort Professional