Before you download digital photos PaperPort scan Before you download digital photos

Before you download digital photos from a camera or digital storage device, such as a USB memory card reader, to the PaperPort desktop:

  • Install the software driver program that came with your camera or device, according to the manufacturer’s documentation. This enables you to identify the source of your digital images.

  • Connect the camera or device to your computer, according to the instructions provided with your camera or device.

  • Turn on the camera or device.

Once your camera or device is on and ready to transmit data, you can begin downloading your photos to the PaperPort desktop.


Many cameras will appear as disk drives when you view My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Do not edit the images on your camera in place – not all editing produces the desired result first time. Instead, bring your files into PaperPort and use the SET tools to enhance them.



Before you download digital photos