Getting photos from digital storage media

PaperPort supports digital storage devices from which you can obtain digital photos.

For example, if you have a USB memory card reader, you can copy photos directly from a CompactFlash Ô or SmartMedia Ò memory card to the PaperPort desktop.

To get photos from removable media to the PaperPort desktop:

  1. Install the software driver for the storage device. The device manufacturer provides the software. 

  2. Connect the device to your computer and insert the media that contains the photos you want to obtain. You should see the device as a disk drive on My Computer or Windows Explorer

  3. Use Windows to browse the contents of the removable media. For example, use Windows Explorer to open the device folder and navigate to the media contents. 

  4. Display the PaperPort desktop. 

  5. Drag and drop the photos from the device folder to the PaperPort desktop.


Be sure to check the documentation provided with your digital camera for details about getting photos into your computer.

Many cameras are listed as disk drives when you view My Computer or Windows Explorer. If the camera is recognized as a disk drive, you can drag and drop the photos, or use Windows’ Copy and Paste features, to get photos from the camera to the PaperPort desktop. You can also copy the camera folder to the Folders pane.



Getting photos from digital storage media