Using your camera’s software to download digital photos

Many digital cameras come with a photo viewing and download program that you can use to view and copy photos to your computer.

To use the program that came with your camera:

  1. Install the program according to the documentation provided with your digital camera.

  2. Follow the steps in the documentation to connect your camera to your computer. For example, you may be able to connect the camera to a USB or serial port.

  3. Turn the camera on.

  4. Use the camera’s program to browse the contents of the memory card or other storage media.

  5. Display the PaperPort desktop, and open the folder in which you want to download your photos.

  6. Drag and drop — or copy — the photos from the program folder to the PaperPort desktop.


If you are unable to drag and drop your photos from the camera program to the PaperPort desktop, use the Copy and Paste commands or Windows Explorer to get photos into a PaperPort folder.


Using your camera’s software to download photos