To import a file to the PaperPort desktop

You can use the Import file feature to bring a copy of a file created in another program to the PaperPort desktop. A file you import is displayed on the PaperPort desktop under its original file name and extension so you can make full use of relevant PaperPort’s tools.

  1. Open the PaperPort desktop and locate the folder you want to be the target for importing.

  2. Click on the PaperPort button and choose PaperPort import Importing files to the PaperPort desktop Import.

  3. In the Import File dialog box, locate the file you want to import.

    Use the Files of type box to specify which file type to display in the selection box.

  4. In the selection box, double-click the file name.

    — or —

    Select the file, and then click Import.

    To select multiple files, press the Ctrl key, and click each file in the selection list.

Choose All Files (*.*) in the Files of type selection box to see the full choice for file import.


Importing files to the PaperPort desktop