About scan profiles

A scan profile contains predefined settings for scanning, image processing, OCR, output file formats and file naming. Scanning in PaperPort must be done through a profile. The following default profiles are offered: B&W Document, Grayscale Document, Color Document, Color Photograph and Color Searchable PDF Document.    

These profiles are optimized for typical scanning tasks. The profile settings can be modified.


PaperPort pp professional icon About scan profiles

In PaperPort Professional, you can create new profiles (either from scratch, or by copying an existing profile and modifying it). Deleting profiles is also allowed.

In PaperPort Professional a sixth profile is delivered: Color PDF-MRC High Compression.  This provides much smaller file sizes while maintaining presentation quality.


If you want to start scanning from inside PaperPort, select a profile in the Scan or Get Photo pane.

To send images directly from your scanner (even without opening PaperPort), you have to assign a PaperPort scan profile to a push button of your scanner.


About scan profiles