Scanner resolution settings for best results

The resolution setting to use when you scan an item depends upon the type of item and how you plan to use the image or document after you scan it in to your computer. For the best results, use these recommended settings.


Item type



300 dpi black-and-white
— or —
200 dpi
grayscale or color

Documents of poor quality
or that contain small text

400 dpi black-and-white
— or —
300 dpi grayscale

Photographs and pictures

100-200 dpi color
— or —
200 dpi grayscale

Images for an inkjet printer

150 dpi or higher

Images for a high-resolution printer

300 dpi or higher

Images for computer screen display

Whatever setting obtains the desired width and height in pixels.


You can use PaperPort’s built-in OCR software to copy text from scanned documents so that you can use and edit the text in any text editing, word processing, or spreadsheet program. The OCR process requires textual images that are scanned at 150 to 600 dpi; 300 dpi or higher is recommended.


If you are scanning for multiple uses, prefer higher dpi and quality because you can always save a copy at lower values later.


Scanner resolution settings for best results