Scanning pages

Scanning can be performed either with or without the Capture Assistant, or using the scanner’s own interface.

Scanning pages using the Capture Assistant

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, select Show Capture Assistant.

  2. Check that Display scanner dialog box is turned off.

  3. Select a scan profile and click the Scan button to scan your pages. The Capture Assistant opens once scanning is started.

    • To continue scanning, click the Scan More Pages button.

    • To scan double-sided pages, first scan one side of all pages, turn the stack over, and click the Scan Other Side button to scan the reverse side.

    • To finish scanning, click Done (in PaperPort Professional, Done Scanning).

When scanning is complete, file creation is performed. In the PaperPort — Scan dialog box, you can modify the document name offered by the program according to the naming convention specified on the Output tab of the Settings – Scanning Profile dialog box. You can also enter or change item properties (Subject, Keywords and Author) for PDF or MAX items.


Turn on the Automatically add keywords from Folder Notes option, to have item properties offered automatically in the PaperPort – Scan dialog box for newly scanned PDF or MAX items. For more information see About Folder Notes.


PaperPort pp professional icon Scanning pages

In PaperPort Professional, the scanned pages appear one-by-one in the thumbnail view. While scanning, each new page appears at the place indicated by the Scanner thumbnail.

Document boundary markers indicate the starting and end points of page ranges that belong together and will be saved into the same document file.

A progress indicator and status messages tell you what is happening.

You can rotate, reorder, delete and mark pages as blank / not blank, using the Page Thumbnail Toolbar or the shortcut menu.

In PaperPort Professional, the PaperPort – Scan dialog box appears when scanning is finished. Here you can enter or modify the item properties and modify the document name.


The PaperPort – Scan dialog box will not appear if the Modify Document Name and Notes option in the Capture Assistant was turned off.


Scanning pages without using the Capture Assistant

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, turn off Show Capture Assistant.

  2. Click the Scan button and scan your pages.

    As soon as the ADF becomes empty, scanning will automatically finish and file creation will be performed.

Scanning pages using the scanner’s user interface

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, select the Display scanner dialog box checkbox to use the scanner UI.

  2. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, click the Scan button to start scanning.

    The scanner’s own UI will appear where you may select scan parameters (e.g. scanning mode, resolution, scanning area) and use its image processing buttons (e.g. rotate, flip, crop). The controls available are scanner dependent. Some scanners offer a pre-scan allowing you to see the effects of your settings.


PaperPort profile has no affect when scanning is performed through the scanner UI.


In each case, when scan is complete, you will see your items in the current folder on the PaperPort desktop. Additionally, they are displayed in their associated applications if the View result checkbox is enabled on the Output tab of the Settings – Scanning Profile dialog box.


Choose PaperPort scan now Scanning pages Scan Now from the Desktop ribbon if you are sure all current settings meet your requirements for the next scanning session.



Scanning pages