Starting scanning PaperPort scan Starting scanning

You can start scanning either from inside PaperPort, or using the scanner push button directly. There are two further possibilities when scanning from PaperPort. You can either use the Scan or Get Photo pane, or the scanner’s own user interface.

Scanning from inside PaperPort using the Scan or Get Photo pane

  1. Place the document in the scanner according to the scanner instructions.

  2. Start PaperPort, and in the Folders pane, click the folder to which you want to scan your item.

  3. On the Desktop ribbon, click  PaperPort scan Starting scanning Scan Settings. The Scan or Get Photo pane appears in the left panel.

  4. Select the scanner you are using.

  5. Select a scan profile.

  6. If you cannot find an appropriate profile, modify one. Click Settings, and in the Settings – Scanning  Profile panel make the necessary changes. In PaperPort Professional, you can also create new profiles.

  7. To display the Capture Assistant at scanning time, select the checkbox Show Capture Assistant.

  8. Click Scan.

Scanning from inside PaperPort with current settings

If you are sure all current settings meet your requirements for the next scanning session, just choose PaperPort scan now Starting scanning Scan Now from the Desktop ribbon.


Turn Capture Assistant on to have control over the scanning process. Turn it off to have the document put on the PaperPort desktop automatically when scanning is finished.

Scanning from inside PaperPort using your scanner’s own user interface

  • To use your scanner’s interface, select the checkbox Display scanner dialog box on the Scan or Get Photo pane.


Scan profiles have no effect on scanner settings if you are using the scanner’s own user interface (UI). To change brightness, resolution, etc., use your scanner UI.

Scanning by using the scanner push button directly

  1. Assign a PaperPort profile to a scanner push button.  

  2. Click the scanner button. Scanning will start immediately.


Starting scanning