About annotating items

Using PaperPort’s annotation buttons, you can add notes and text, highlight text, draw lines and arrows, or stamp a picture onto your image and PDF items.

On PDF and PaperPort Image (.max) files, annotations are editable, meaning that you can reposition, modify or remove them,  or edit textual content whenever you want.

On other types of image items, such as JPEG and Windows Bitmap files, annotations become a permanent part of the image when you save the item. This is useful if you want to “burn” a photo credit into an image or make a permanent annotation on a scanned item.

You can select an annotation button from the Annotation ribbon in the Image View window.

The annotation buttons include:

PaperPort select annotation About annotating items

Select Annotation. Selects an annotation so you can move, resize or modify it. Use this also as a neutral button to turn off any other annotation buttons.

PaperPort note About annotating items

Note. Adds a note much like a sticky note that you write on and then stick on paper documents.

PaperPort text About annotating items

Text. Adds a line of text with a transparent background.

PaperPort highlight About annotating items

Highlighter. Highlights any part of the page.

PaperPort scribble About annotating items

Pencil. Draws freehand lines or marks on the page.

PaperPort arrow About annotating items

Arrow or Line. Draws straight lines, with or without arrowheads, on a page.

PaperPort stamp About annotating items

Stamp. Pastes a graphic on the page, much like using a rubber stamp.


These tools appear in Image View. Similar tools are available in PDF Viewer Plus for marking up PDF files. Please consult the PDF Viewer Help.


PDF files created or edited outside of PaperPort can contain other annotation types that are not supported by PaperPort. PaperPort displays such annotation types as part of the PDF item but they cannot be repositioned, modified, or removed.

For item types that cannot accept annotations, PaperPort automatically disables the annotation buttons to indicate that the buttons are not available.


To change the properties of an existing annotation, right-click it and make the necessary changes.

It is easier to rotate or straighten an image before you add an annotation.


About annotating items