To stamp a bitmap on an item PaperPort stamp Stamping images on items

Stamp annotations are annotations that contain a graphic Windows Bitmap (. bmp). PaperPort provides a set of stamps for you — or you can use any bitmap you create or already have on your computer. This feature is useful when you want to incorporate art, such as a company logo or a signature, on a page.

  1. Display the item in the Image View window.

  2. On the Annotation ribbon, choose PaperPort stamp Stamping images on items Stamp.

    The pointer changes to a picture pointer.

  3. Click the location where you want to place the bitmap.

  4. In the Open dialog box, select one of the stamp bitmap files provided with PaperPort or navigate to the folder that contains the image file you want to use as a stamp, and then click Open.

    Click the arrow next to PaperPort stamp Stamping images on items Stamp, disable the PaperPort stamp prompt for file Stamping images on items Prompt for File checkmark to insert the same bitmap at another location. To insert another bitmap stamp, enable this checkmark again to have the relevant bitmap options offered.

    Choose PaperPort select annotation Stamping images on items Select Annotation and then click a stamp annotation to move or resize it. A frame with handles appears around the annotation. Use the mouse to move the annotation or drag the handles and change the annotation size.


You can create a bitmap file from a part of an image item. To do so, select or crop the part of the item that you want and save it as a bitmap file. You can then add the bitmap as a stamp annotation.

Because stamped bitmaps are annotations, you can select and then move, copy, cut, paste, or resize them like any other type of annotation.

Open a PDF document in the associated PDF Viewer Plus (or another Nuance PDF viewer/editor)  to put other stamps. See the own Help systems of those products for details.


Stamping images on items