To use the highlighting marker PaperPort highlight Using the highlighting marker

You can use the Highlighter command to call attention to specific parts of a page, just as you would use a colored marker to highlight an important paragraph or key phrases in a document or report.

  1. Display the page in the Image View window.

  2. On the Annotation ribbon, choose PaperPort highlight Using the highlighting marker Highlighter.

    The pointer changes to a highlighting marker when you move it over the item.

  3. Draw a horizontal line to highlight a text line, or hold down the left mouse button and drag the marker across the area you want to highlight.

  4. Release the mouse button to drop the highlighting mark on the item.

Choose PaperPort highlight Using the highlighting marker Highlighter in the Annotation Tools group, then PaperPort note font color Using the highlighting marker Color in the Annotation Settings group to change the default highlighting color (yellow). Then, select the color you want to use for future highlights. It does not affect existing highlights. To change the color of a currently selected highlight, right-click the highlight and select Color from the shortcut menu.


Using the highlighting marker