Working with annotations  

To work with an annotation in Image View or ImageViewer, you must first select it on the page.

  1. On the Annotation ribbon, choose PaperPort select annotation Working with annotations Select Annotation.

  2. On the page, click the annotation.

  3. Once selected, you can perform any of the following with annotations:

  • To move an annotation, use the mouse to drag the annotation to the new location.

  • To resize an annotation, place the pointer on the handle you want to drag. Use the mouse to drag the resize pointer and change the annotation size. You cannot resize text lines or scribble annotations. 

  • To edit annotation text, double-click the annotation that contains the text you want to edit. The text cursor appears at the beginning of the text line. When you finish editing, click elsewhere on the page or select another annotation tool. 

  • To delete an annotation, click the right mouse button, and on the shortcut menu, click Delete or select an annotation and press the Delete key. 


To select multiple annotations, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each annotation.

On the Edit ribbon, choose PaperPort select all Working with annotations Select All in the Annotation Tools group to select all annotations on a page.

On the Edit ribbon, the PaperPort cut Working with annotations Cut and PaperPort paste Working with annotations Paste commands are useful when you need to move an annotation to a different item or to a different page in a multi-page item.

To change properties of a current annotation, right-click the annotation and use the shortcut menu. To change the default properties for future annotations, choose the annotation type you want, and then choose a proper attribute in the Annotation Settings group and specify a value for it. Changing default properties does not affect existing annotations.

To hide and show annotations

You can hide annotations and then display them when necessary. This feature is useful when you want to see the entire original image or page without annotations.

On the View ribbon, the Annotations checkbox in the View Options group toggles this feature on and off:


Click on the PaperPort button and choose PaperPort print setup Working with annotations Print Setup. To prevent annotations from being printed, clear the Include Annotations checkbox in the Printer options dialog box.

PDF Viewer Plus has its own annotation tools for marking up PDF files. See the PDF Viewer Plus Help.


Working with annotations