To change PaperPort options

By changing PaperPort options, you can control many different aspects of how PaperPort works and how it displays items on the PaperPort desktop.

  1. Click on the PaperPort button and choose Options. The PaperPort Options dialog box contains the following tabs:

  • General — Sets whether to display certain prompts and dialog boxes, and the enabling of update detection.

  • Desktop — Determines different display aspects of the PaperPort desktop and defines which program displays an item when it is double-clicked.

  • Item — Specifies the default naming convention for new items and the default file type for the Print to PaperPort feature.

  • Folder — Specifies default name and color options for folders that you create and add to PaperPort.

  • Send To Bar — Sets different attributes of the Send To bar on the PaperPort desktop.

  • All-in-One Search — Specifies when to update the All-in-One index and refresh item thumbnails, and also gives access to Search Logs.

  • Advanced — Sets options for newly created PaperPort Image (.max) and PDF files and for items that are inserted into other documents.

  • Scanner Buttons — Assigns a scan profile to a scanner button.

  1. Click the tab you want, change one or more options, and then click OK.


Changing PaperPort options