To change the format for new item names

You can set the format for the names of all new items that you create. To ensure that all item names are unique, PaperPort appends a numeric suffix to an item name when necessary.

  1. Click on the PaperPort button, choose PaperPort options Setting the format for new item names Options, and then click the Item tab.

  2. In the Name box, enter your own file name convention or select a date format from the list. When you select a date format, the PaperPort will use the current date when naming new items.

  3. To change the default numbering scheme, select your preference in the Suffix list.

    In the Suffix list, select ( n) if you want PaperPort to append numeric suffixes as (2), (3), and so on; for example, Document (2), Document (3), and Document (4).

    The digit settings —
    nn, nnn, and so on — enable you to create names that are easily sorted in file lists. Select nn for two leading digits, nnn for three leading digits, and so on.

    For example, select nn to name items Image 01, Image 02, and Image 03 — or, select nnn to name items Image 001, Image 002, and Image 003.

  4. Click OK.

Setting the format for new item names