Send To Options — for electronic fax programs

If you have a fax modem and electronic fax software, you can send a scanned item as a fax directly from the PaperPort desktop. PaperPort supports many fax programs, such as WinFax Pro.

On the Send To bar, right-click the program icon and then click Send To Options to display the Send To Options dialog box. In the dialog box, you can tune default options for items that you send to your fax program:

  • Fax driver — Identifies the fax driver or fax printer driver and the port it is using.

  • Automatic page orientation — Automatically rotates pages so that the text is upright. Upright text is required for OCR.

Click Setup to tune additional fax device options, such as page size and orientation. The options vary with each fax program.


Fax options