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FormTyper is a program that creates blank fields on preprinted forms, such as insurance forms, registration cards, and coupons, so that you can fill in those forms online.

FormTyper analyzes a form and recognizes the blank areas as fields in which you can enter data. Each field is underlined in color, so that you can see where to enter your data. You can add and delete fields, as well as change the font for entered data.

In the Send To Options – FormTyper dialog box, you can tune default options for items that you send to the FormTyper program on the Send To bar:

  • Select Start FormTyper window maximized to enlarge the FormTyper window to full screen size each time you start FormTyper.

  • Click Change to display the Font dialog box in which you can select default font attributes, such as style and size, for text that is entered in form fields.


You can also set the default font while you work in the FormTyper program.


FormTyper options