Send To Options — for word processing and spreadsheet programs

You can send a scanned document to a word processing program, such as Microsoft Word,  Write or Notepad, or to a speadsheet program such as Excel, on the Send To bar.

This lets you use PaperPort’s OCR program to convert the scanned text into a document that you can edit in your word processing program. An OCR program reads, interprets and converts scanned characters into actual editable text.

Right-click the program icon and then click Send To Options to display the Send To Options dialog box. In the dialog box for your word processing program, you can specify:

  • The file type for converted text documents. PaperPort automatically chooses the default file type for the word processing program. This ensures that the word processing program can successfully open and display the converted text.

  • The OCR program to use to convert text. PaperPort provides its own built-in OCR program. If you want to use another OCR program, you can select that program instead.

  • Default settings for the OCR program. You can view or tune special settings for the selected OCR program. For example, you can remove columns from multi-column documents so that converted text appears in a one-column format or use automatic orientation to help ensure OCR accuracy.

  • Combine items into single file, if possible. Combines all selected items into a single file that contains multiple pages.

When sending files to spreadsheet programs such as Excel, the contents should be suitable such programs, i.e. it should have a tabular structure and decolumnizing options should be turned off.

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Microsoft Notepad and WordPad options