Send To Options — for other OCR programs

You can send scanned documents to an OCR program to automatically extract text from the image item. To tune options for your OCR program, on the Send To bar, right-click the OCR program icon and then click Send To Options.

The Send To Options dialog box provides one or more of the following options, depending upon the source item:

  • Convert to file type — Identifies the file format in which to convert image items; for example, HTML to convert scanned documents to HTML files.

  • Convert image to text (OCR) with — Identifies the OCR program to use to convert scanned document images to editable documents. This option is available only when you have an OCR program other than the one provided with PaperPort.

Some OCR programs may include additional options. Nuance OmniPage offers the widest range and also the best possible accuracy.


OCR options