Send To Options — Printer PaperPort printer Printer options

To print items from PaperPort, you can send them to the printer from the Send To bar or from the PaperPort button.

On the Send To bar, right-click the program icon and then click Send To Options to display the Send To Options dialog box. In the dialog box, you can tune default options for items that you send to the printer program.

In the Layout area (settings valid for image and PDF files only):

  • Pages per Sheet — Specifies the number of items to include on each printed sheet. This feature enables you to print multiple images on a single page.

  • Resize Page to Fit — Reduces the PaperPort image to print within the standard page margins.

    Clear this checkbox to print items exactly as they appear on a page even if some text is outside the standard page margins. This is useful for legal contracts that have line numbers.

  • Auto-orient Page for Best Fit — Instructs PaperPort to determine the page orientation.

    Clear this checkbox to specify the page orientation in the Print Setup dialog box.

  • Include Item Name — Print the item name along with each printed item.

    Clear this checkbox to remove the name from the bottom of printed documents.

  • Include Annotations — If the page has annotations, prints the annotations with the item.

In the Copies area:

  • Number of Copies — Specifies the number of copies to print.

  • Collate — When printing more than one copy, collates the copies as they are printed.

In the Print area:

  • Display Print dialog before printing — Displays the Print dialog box in which you can select a printer and specify how many copies to print.

Click Print Setup to display the Windows Print Setup dialog box in which you can specify additional printing features.


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