Using OmniPage with PaperPort

You can gain the benefits of full OCR capabilities when you have Nuance OmniPage (version 15 or higher) on your computer along with your PaperPort software. OmniPage is a robust OCR program that reads and converts scanned characters into actual editable text.

When using PaperPort on a computer that also has OmniPage, you can:

  • Create PDF Searchable files when you scan, print, and save your documents and items.

    This format provides a bitmapped image of your document or graphic with textual content stored as hidden text. It maintains an identical appearance to original documents and enables other programs, such as PDF Converter Professional, to search the files. You can also use PaperPort to fully index and search for text in PDF Searchable Image files.

  • Drag and drop items to the PaperPort op Using OmniPage with PaperPort OmniPage program link on the Send To bar so that you can convert scanned documents to editable text documents.

    To tune options for the OmniPage program, on the Send To bar, right-click the OmniPage program icon and then click Send To Options.

  • Select OmniPage as the OCR engine in the Send To options for other program links, such as those for Microsoft Word or Excel. This lets you use OmniPage to convert scanned text into documents that you can edit in a word processing program. 

  • Drag and drop items to the PaperPort op workflow Using OmniPage with PaperPort  OmniPage Workflow program link on the Send To bar. In the Send To Options dialog box, select an OmniPage Workflow from the list, then click OK.

The advantages of using OmniPage for OCR services instead of PaperPort OCR include:

  • inclusion of Japanese, Korean and Chinese (from version 16)

  • superior image pre-processing

  • significantly higher OCR accuracy rate

  • greater range of text sizes can be converted – from 5 to 72 points

  • successful conversion of colored texts and texts on colored backgrounds

  • more faithful conversion of tables

The additional advantages of sending image and PDF files to OmniPage for conversion include:

  • precise manual zoning for best OCR results.

  • support for over 120 languages in a range of alphabets.

  • latest page retention technology, using True Page® or Flowing Page.

  • spell-checkers, verifier and proofing tools.

  • recognized texts can be read aloud.

  • ability to design and use workflows.

For full information on the latest OmniPage, see


Using OmniPage with PaperPort