To find items by words in the item PaperPort search Finding items by words in the item

After documents and images are added to the All-in-One index, you can find a document or image by searching on words that are contained within the item.

This type of search is called an index search.

  1. On the Desktop ribbon, choose PaperPort search Finding items by words in the item All-in-One Search in the Function Pane group. The All-in-One Search pane appears on the left side of the PaperPort window. 

  2. Update the All-in-One index if you have not already done so.

  3. Select Use All-in-One index and enter index search criteria in the Name, author, keywords box and/or the Containing indexed text box.

  4. Specify the scope of the search: click All items or First item.

  5. In the Look In box, select All PaperPort folders, Current folder, or Current and subfolders.

  6. Specify the level at which you want to search the All-in-One index: click either Exact text or Approximate.

  7. Click Search to start the search.

The Search Results window lists all the found items.


If you selected First item, PaperPort finds the first item that matches the search criteria and automatically selects it on the desktop. To find the next item, press F3.

Updating the All-in-One index ensures that you find the most content of your documents. To update the index at any time, select the Use All-in-One index checkbox and then click the Update Index button.


Finding items by words in the item