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When you have many folders and items, a powerful tool for finding items is PaperPort’s All-in-One Search pane.

In the All-in-One Search pane, you can perform either:

  • A file search based on item properties, such as the item name, keywords, subject or comment text, and annotations. You enter file search criteria in the Name, author, keywords box.

  • An index search that references PaperPort’s All-in-One index to find item properties or actual text contained within an item. You enter the item properties in the Name, author, keyword box and the text content in the Containing indexed text box.

You can also use the All-in-One Search pane to:

  • Look in all PaperPort folders or only certain folders.

  • Automatically update the All-in-One index. This ensures that you find the most recent documents, images, and words contained in your documents. To update the index, select Use All-in-One index, and then click the Update Index button.

  • Launch the Index Manager to schedule indexing tasks, to view or modify the necessary settings.





About searching for items