To find items by their properties PaperPort search Finding items by their properties

You can search for any type of item by its file name. You can also search for your PDF and PaperPort Image (.max) files by item properties, such as keywords and subject information.

To search for a PaperPort Image or PDF file by its properties:

  1. On the Desktop ribbon, choose PaperPort search Finding items by their properties All-in-One Search in the Function Pane group.

    The All-in-One Search pane appears on the left side of the PaperPort window. 

  2. Specify the scope of the search: click All items or First item

  3. Enter search criteria in the Name, author, keywords box.

    By default, PaperPort looks for one or more properties. To refine your search, expand the pane and select only the properties you want to include in your search. For example, to search only for items created by a certain author, select only the Author checkbox and clear all other checkboxes. 

  4. Leave the Containing indexed text box blank.

  5.  In the Look In box, select all folders, current folder, or current folder and any subfolders. 

  6. Click Search to start the search.

PaperPort displays the results in the Search Results window.


Finding items by their properties