To convert an image to a different color type

You can use the Convert Color feature to convert an image item to a color, halftone, grayscale, or black-and-white image.

Different types of images work better for different uses. For example, to improve the way a color image looks when sent over a fax machine, first convert it to an alternate type — or, to make a smaller file when color is not needed, convert a color item to black-and-white.

Note that it is best to make a backup copy of an image item before you convert the color. Once you click OK, you cannot undo the color conversion and your original image will be lost.

In the Image View window

  1. Display the image item.

  2. On the Page ribbon, choose PaperPort convert colors Converting an image to a different color type Convert Color.

  3. In the Convert Color dialog box, select the type to which you want to convert the image.

  4. Click OK.


To convert the color of multiple items at the same time, you can use this batch operation: select the items on the PaperPort desktop, right-click for the shortcut menu, point to SET Tools and then choose Convert Color.



Converting an image to a different color type