Resizing images and items

You can resize an image whenever necessary. For example, if an image is 4 x 6 inches but it needs to be a certain size to fit on a letter, newsletter, or business card, you can change the width and height to make the image larger or smaller.

You can resize a single page in Image View or all pages scanned by a scan profile.

To resize an image in Image View

  1. Display the image item that you want to resize.

  2. On the Page ribbon, choose PaperPort resize Resizing images and items Resize.

  3. In the Resize dialog box, select the desired width and height, or specify the percentage in the Scale box. Optionally you can change the image resolution as well.

  4. Click OK.


For images you plan to use on a web site, set the width and height unit as pixels rather than inches for best results. For artwork that you plan to send to a printer, use inches.

On the View ribbon, choose PaperPort actual size Resizing images and items Actual Size to display the image in actual size to see the resizing.

To resize all images scanned by a scan profile

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, select a scan profile that should contain the resizing feature.

  2. Click Settings and the SET tab.

  3. On the SET panel, turn on Resize Page and then click Resize Settings.

  4. In the Resize Page Settings dialog box, select a page size or a percent value.

  5. Click OK.


The available page sizes depend on the scanner’s maximum supported size.


Be sure your page size settings are suitable for all pages you plan to scan with this profile.


To resize multiple items on the PaperPort Desktop

You can resize multiple image items at the same time from the PaperPort desktop. This batch operation is most beneficial when you need to change the size of all pages in a multi-page item or the size of a group of single-page items. All items in a group must be the same file type.

  1. Select the multi-page item or the individual items you want to resize.

  2. On the Item ribbon, click PaperPort resize Resizing images and items Resize.

  3. Confirm that you want to resize multiple pages. If you want to prevent display of the confirmation dialog box in the future, select the Do not display checkbox.

  4. In the Resize dialog box, select Change Page Size and then, in the Scale box, enter the percentage to increase or decrease each item or page, based on the original size.

  5. (Optional) To change the resolution, select Change Resolution, and then, select the unit of measure and enter the number of pixels per inch or per centimeter. The default unit is pixels/inch.

  6. Click OK.


To resize an item by width and height units, rather than scale, display the item in the Image View window, and then choose Resize from its shortcut menu. For details, see Resizing an image.



Resizing images and items