Automatically enhancing images PaperPort auto enhance Automatically enhancing images

The Auto Enhance feature lets PaperPort optimize the brightness, contrast, color, and tint of color images — or the brightness and contrast of grayscale images. PaperPort will analyze the images and try to correct whatever is wrong with each image.

You can use the Auto Enhance feature on a single page in Image View, or on all pages scanned by a scan profile.

On a single page in Image View

  1. Display the image item you want to enhance.

  2. On the Page ribbon, choose PaperPort auto enhance Automatically enhancing images Auto-Enhance.

    PaperPort automatically enhances the image item and displays the Auto Enhance dialog box.

  3. In the Auto Enhance dialog box, click Yes to keep the adjustment or No to cancel the change.

    Note that before you accept or cancel the enhancement, you can select Open Enhance dialog box for more adjustment to manually adjust the brightness and contrast, color, tint, and sharpness. Click OK when you are finished.

Using default or custom values for Auto-Enhance in Image View

Auto Enhance uses the default white and black point values in Image View when you choose   Auto-Enhance.

To use custom values, choose PaperPort apply bw Automatically enhancing images Apply BW on the Page ribbon.


Auto Enhance works best with images that have a color bit depth of 24. This means, if you use Auto Enhance for a file that has an 8-bit depth, Auto Enhance can make the image worse. To improve the quality of a file with an 8-bit depth, use the Enhance command to manually adjust the image or use a photo editing program to convert it to a 24-bit color image before you use Auto Enhance.

Images on your computer look best when the screen resolution of your computer monitor is set to 800 x 600 pixels or higher and to as many colors as possible; for example, High Color (16-bit) or TrueColor (24-or 32-bit). If you are unsure how to change these settings, refer to Windows Help for complete details.

To enhance multiple image items at the same time, you can use this batch operation: select the items on the PaperPort desktop. Then, in the shortcut menu, choose  Auto-Enhance.

n all pages scanned by a scan profile

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, select a profile that should contain the Auto Enhance feature.

  2. Click Settings and the SET tab.

  3. On the SET panel, turn on Auto-enhance then click OK.

Using default or custom values for Auto-Enhance in a scan profile

By default, Auto-Enhance works with hard-coded white and black point values. To use custom values in a scan profile, choose the desired values in Image View, then click the Pick the last used colors from ImageViewer button in the Auto-enhance Settings dialog box.


Be sure the Auto-enhance setting is suitable for all pages you plan to scan with this profile.



Automatically enhancing images