To crop image items PaperPort crop Cropping an image item

To work with a part of a page or image, you can crop the portion you do not want to keep.

For example, when you scan an item that is less than 8 ½ by 11 inches, such as a postcard or baseball card, PaperPort places a black border around the image. You can select the part of the image you want to keep, then crop or remove the black border in Image View. You can also use this crop feature in a scan profile.


To crop an image item in Image View

  1. Display the image item in the Image View window.

  2. On the Page ribbon, choose  PaperPort select Cropping an image item Select Area.

  3. Hold down the mouse button, drag the crosshair cursor to draw a rectangle around the part of the image you want to keep after the cropping, and then release the mouse button. A dashed box appears around the area as you select it. To increase or decrease the size of the selected area, drag the handles on the dashed box. 

  4. On the Page ribbon, choose PaperPort crop Cropping an image itemCrop.

    — or —

    In the shortcut menu of the item, choose Crop to Selection.

    PaperPort removes the rest of the image so only the selected area appears in the image.


You may want to straighten a page before you crop it.

To preserve an annotation, completely enclose the annotation in the dashed box. Otherwise, the annotation is removed along with the cropped area.

To crop all images scanned by a scan profile

  1. On the Scan or Get Photo pane, select a scan profile that should contain the cropping feature.

  2. Click Settings and the SET tab.

  3. On the SET panel, turn on Auto-crop and then click Auto-crop Settings.

  4. Define the crop margin values in the Auto-crop Settings dialog box.

  5. Click OK.


Be sure your margin settings are suitable for all pages you plan to scan with this profile.



Cropping an image item