To cut an area from an image item  

You can use the Cut tool to remove large, unwanted spots, marks or areas from an image item. This feature is useful if you, for example, need to remove ragged edges from scanned newspaper or magazine articles.

  1. Display the image item in the Image View window.

  2. On the Page ribbon, choose  PaperPort select Cutting an area from an item Select Area.

  3. Hold down the mouse button, drag the crosshair cursor around the portion of the image that you want to cut, and then release the mouse button.

    A dashed box appears around the area as you select it. To increase or decrease the size of the selected area, drag the handles on the dashed box. 

  4. On the Edit ribbon, choose PaperPort cut Cutting an area from an item Cut.

    — or —

    While the crosshair cursor is inside the dashed box, click the right mouse button, and then on the shortcut menu, click Cut.

    PaperPort removes the selected area from the image or page.


To remove the selected area, choose PaperPort delete Cutting an area from an item Delete on the Edit ribbon, or press the Delete key.

To paste cut or copied part of an image, choose PaperPort paste Cutting an area from an item Paste  on the Edit ribbon, and then drag-and-drop the selection to the desired place.


Cutting an area from an item