To improve lines on a page PaperPort enhance lines Improving lines on a page

When a black-and-white image item includes lines, such as those on a scanned spreadsheet, table, or form, it is possible the lines might scan unevenly.

If this occurs, you can automatically improve the appearance of the lines by using the Improve Lines feature to darken or connect broken lines.

In the Image View window

  1. Display the black-and-white image item.

  2. On the Page ribbon, choose PaperPort enhance lines Improving lines on a page Improve Lines

    — or —

    In the shortcut menu, point to Enhance, and then click Improve Lines.


The Improve Lines feature is available only for black-and-white image items. To improve lines when a scanned page is in color, use Convert Color to convert the image item to black-and-white, and then use Improve Lines.

To improve lines in multiple items at the same time, you can use this batch operation: select the items on the PaperPort desktop, right-click for their shortcut menu, point to SET Tools, then on Enhance, and then choose Improve Lines.


Improving lines on a page