About index errors

PaperPort indexes the textual content of image items by running its OCR program on the page images. The OCR process is able to successfully index most PDF, PaperPort (.max), TIFF, and DCX images.

However, the OCR process might not be able to index pages whose resolution is too low or too high or pages that are overly complex.

PaperPort automatically logs indexing errors in a log file so that you can review OCR errors and resolve them if desired. In many cases, there will be no need to resolve the error, whereas in other cases, you may want to remedy the error condition.

Index error notification

PaperPort notifies you if it was unable to index one or more pages whenever you use Add to All-in-One Search to manually add an item to the All-in-One index — or when you click Update Index to update the All-in-One index.

PaperPort displays a notification dialog box in which you can choose to ignore the error, or you can click Details to review the log file.

The log file lists any errors that occurred in the most recent Add to All-in-One Search or Update Index operation. It includes the file name and the cause of each error; for example, “image resolution too low.” For details on how to resolve an error, see Troubleshooting for All-in-One Search.

Automatic indexing

If you have PaperPort set to perform automatic indexing, the OCR process runs in the background and you will not receive notification of indexing errors. You can, however, search the All-in-One Search log for errors.

To view the log, click on the PaperPort button, choose PaperPort options About index errors Options, click the All-in-One Search tab, and then click the View Log button. The log lists any error that has occurred in Add to All-in-One Search, Update Index, and automatic indexing operations.

To clear the log, click the Delete Log button in the All-in-One Search tab.

Note that if there are no errors, PaperPort does not create a log file and both the View Log and Delete Log buttons are disabled.



About index errors