Index Manager Settings

PaperPort pp professional icon Index Manager Settings

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.

Right-click on the PaperPort indexmgr Index Manager Settings Index Manager icon in the System tray and choose Settings.
It lets you define basic task management and indexing behavior.

Stop the running task when a new task starts. Mark this checkbox to give preference to newly starting tasks. Leave it empty to delay the new task until the current one is finished.

Finish indexing current item before stopping task. If unchecked, indexing of the current item will be stopped immediately and will need to be re-indexed later.

When two tasks are scheduled to start at the very same time, it is the first one that takes precedence – the one below in the list will wait for it to finish. Even if the first checkbox is marked, the second task will be delayed to prevent data loss. If you switch off your computer while the program is busy, on next startup it will refresh the task status and work accordingly.


Index Manager Settings