Using the Index Manager

PaperPort pp professional icon Using the Index Manager

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.

Program Settings

  1. Right-click on the PaperPort indexmgr Using the Index Manager Index Manager icon in the System tray and choose Settings.

  2. Define the desired program behavior then click OK.

Show UI

  • Right-click on the PaperPort indexmgr Using the Index Manager Index Manager icon in the System tray and choose Show UI.
    It lets you create, fine tune, modify or delete indexing tasks.

Creating a New Task

  • Click on the New Task button and select the folder to be indexed by browsing to a local or network folder.

  • Click the checkbox Include subdirectories if you wish their file content to be indexed as well.

  • Select other options according to your needs. See the New Task and Modify dialog boxes for more detail.

Timing and Recurrence of New Tasks

You can set indexing to run at once (check Do it now, then click OK) or give a time schedule.

  • Click Set Recurrence button to define recurrence parameters.

  • Click the Remove Recurrence button to dismiss your settings.

Modifying and Deleting a Task

  • Click the Modify button to change your indexing parameters as described above.
    It is possible to modify a task while it is running: in this case the task is stopped, and then you can make any kinds of changes as described above.

  • If you do not need a task any longer, select it in the main window of the dialog box and click the Delete button. Then click OK in the confirmation dialog box.

Activating/Deactivating a Task

An indexing task is active if it is either in the process of working, or is waiting for its scheduled time to start. By clicking the Deactivate button you store your relevant task, but prevent it from being carried out even if it would be launched on the basis of its scheduling. To add your task to the list of the active ones, click Activate.

Clicking Deactivate while a task is running  will stop it. To restart it, click Activate.

Pausing and Resuming a Task

While a task is running you can pause it by clicking the Pause / Continue button. Once the task is paused, click again to restart it. To prevent data loss, whenever you pause a task the program will finish the indexing of the current item.

Skipping a Task

Click the Skip this occurrence button to stop the currently running task. If you have checked the relevant option in the Settings panel, the process shuts down as soon as the indexing of  the currently processed file is finished – this may take some seconds. If not, indexing stops immediately. If you skip one occurrence of a recurrent task, indexing will continue from the point where it stopped the next time task scheduling launches the process. If the task is not a recurrent one, skipping means terminating it.


Using the Index Manager