About Folder Notes

Folder Notes serve to specify item properties (keywords, author, etc.) at folder level for applying this information automatically to all new PDF or MAX items that arrive into a folder either by scanning or from DesktopDelivery. If a PDF or MAX item is put into a folder any other way, Folder Notes will not be applied to it

Folder Notes will be stored in a file. When you select Folder Notes from a folder’s shortcut menu, Subject, Author and Keywords will be read from this file and offered in the PaperPort – Scan dialog box. This dialog box appears just after scanning was done, provided that the Modify Document Name and Notes checkbox was selected in the Capture Assistant. You can modify the offered properties. After pressing OK, the previous properties will be overwritten in the file with the updated properties.


You can check or modify the item properties any time on the Properties pane.


The following three options have an effect on Folder Notes behavior:

If all the three options are ON, after clicking the button Done (in PaperPort Professional, Done Scanning), the PaperPort – Scan dialog box appears with the displayed item properties (subject, author, keywords). You can modify them if required.

If both Show Capture Assistant and Modify Document Name and Notes are ON, and Automatically add keyword from Folder Notes is OFF, the PaperPort – Scan dialog box lets you enter Subject, Author and Keywords manually. Only a document name appears – modify it if desired.

If  Show Capture Assistant is OFF and Automatically add keyword from Folder Notes is ON, the dialog box will not appear, but the item properties will be added. If both options are OFF, the dialog box will not appear and the item properties will not be added.

Main steps

  1. Enter item properties at folder level

  2. Apply Folder Notes

  3. Optionally modify item properties



About Folder Notes