About image and text items

In PaperPort, there are two types of items:

  • Image items — Scanned documents, photographs, and other digital items in an image format, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, or PaperPort Image (.max).

    You can create image items from documents, photographs, line art, or other items that you scan, copy, or bring in to the PaperPort desktop.

  • Text items — Documents that contain editable text, such as Word (.doc), HTML, and Excel files, and are created by word processing and other text-based applications.

    You can easily manage text items by copying, adding, or moving them to the PaperPort desktop.

PaperPort provides many tools to help you organize, access, share, and manage both types of items. Image-only PDF files are image items, but when clicked they by default appear in PDF Viewer Plus and not in Image View. Searchable PDF has the attributes of an image item, but has the additional benefit of being searchable. Normal PDF files can be considered text items, even though the pages have the appearance of images. All types of PDF file by default open in Nuance PDF Viewer Plus or PDF Converter Professional, where a wide range of tools is available, designed for working with PDF files.


The term “item” can refer to a text item or to an image item. Items are often referred to as files; for example, text files and image files. These terms are used throughout your PaperPort documentation.



About image and text items