About password protection of PDF files

PaperPort pp professional icon About password protection of PDF files

This feature is available only in PaperPort Professional.

In PaperPort Professional, you can adjust the security level of your PDF files (supported up to format 1.7). When you create a new PDF from existing ones (for example, by copying a thumbnail of a page onto a Workspace) its security settings will be the same as those of the original one. Newly created PDF files will be generated according to the default PDF security settings in PaperPort, as specified by the appropriate buttons available on the Item ribbon.

There are two types of passwords in the program. The open password restricts document accessibility: you can only open it by supplying the password when prompted. The permissions password allows users to define how the document may be used. If it is not specified, further use of the file is possible without any restrictions.

A permissions password enables you to fine tune the access to your PDF file. Use this feature to give permissions for printing the file (at different levels of resolution) or for editing it (changing the page setup of your document, filling forms, adding comments, etc.).

You can choose to set either or both passwords for a file. Either can then be used to open it. The permissions password must be supplied to change the file’s PDF security settings. PaperPort will always prompt for a password when you

  • wish to open a password protected PDF in Image View

  • click on Refresh Thumbnail in the PaperPort desktop shortcut menu

  • click on Add to All-in-One Search in the PaperPort desktop shortcut menu.



About password protection of PDF files