About the Image View window

The Image View window is a separate window that can display a full-size view of a page within a PaperPort item. In this window, you can:

  • Improve your image items with the Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET) tools

  • Zoom in or zoom out on a page

  • View each page in a multi-page item

  • Add annotations such as notes, arrows, pictures, or highlighting

  • Display the previous or next item on the PaperPort desktop

  • Rotate a page 90 degrees to the right (clockwise)

  • Crop part of a page

  • Invert a black-and-white item to reverse the image from black on white to white on black


Instead of switching to PaperPort’s Image View, you can start ImageViewer, a separate PaperPort program that opens its own Image View window. To start the ImageViewer program, on the Start menu, point to (All) Programs, choose Nuance PaperPort, and then click ImageViewer.

Image items open by default in Image View, but you can set a preference to open them in ImageViewer. PDF items open by default in PDF Viewer Plus or (if available) Nuance PDF Converter Professional. Choose Options > Desktop from the PaperPort button drop-down list to set file opening preferences.


About the Image View window