Assembling documents — Example


You receive a large PDF.
You want to create a new PDF using only a few of the pages.

  1. Select the document and choose PaperPort thumbnailview Assembling documents   ExampleThumbnail on the Desktop ribbon.

PaperPort assemble example1 Assembling documents   Example


  1. Control (Ctrl)-click on the pages you wish to assemble into a new document.

  2. Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key again to drag and copy the selected pages onto the Desktop.
    Make sure that this type of cursor PaperPort copycursor Assembling documents   Example is displayed during dragging.

PaperPort assemble example2 Assembling documents   Example


The selected pages are combined in a single PDF.


Be very sure to hold down the Ctrl key as you drag the pages to the desktop. If you do not do this, the selected pages will be removed from the original PDF file.



Assembling documents – Example