To delete a subfolder

You can easily delete subfolders that you no longer want.

  1. In the Folders pane, select the subfolder you want to delete.

  2. Press the Delete key.

    — or —

    On the Edit ribbon, choose PaperPort delete Deleting subfolders Delete.

    To prevent subfolders from being deleted by mistake, a message asks you to confirm deletion.

  3. Click Yes.


When you delete a folder or subfolder, you delete its contents as well. Provided you do not empty the Windows Recycle Bin, you can restore items from the Recycle Bin.

If the subfolder contains items you want to keep, move the items you want to keep into other folders before you delete the subfolder.

To remove a PaperPort folder, click Folder Manager on the Tools ribbon, select the folder, and then click Remove. This will not delete this folder from its location on your local computer. To delete it and its contents, use Windows Explorer.


Deleting subfolders