What folders come with PaperPort? PaperPort pp folder What folders come with PaperPort?

PaperPort installs a PaperPort folder named My PaperPort Documents into your My Documents folder. If you are using a multi-user system, a separate My PaperPort Documents folder exists for each user.

The My PaperPort Documents folder contains several subfolders whose names — such as Articles, Business Cards, Photographs, and Receipts — illustrate the different ways you can organize your items in PaperPort.

The Samples subfolder contains sample documents and, in its own Photos subfolder, photographs to help you get started using PaperPort.

Although you cannot remove My PaperPort Documents from the Folders pane, you can delete all subfolders whenever you prefer.

The first time you start PaperPort, PaperPort opens the Samples folder. Thereafter, PaperPort remembers which folder you have open whenever you exit PaperPort and will open that folder the next time you start PaperPort.


If you upgrade from a previous version of PaperPort, your existing Nuance Documents folder is available as a PaperPort folder.

If you upgrade e.g. from PaperPort 11 where you had a Samples folder, PaperPort preserves its full contents under Samples (PaperPort 11) subfolder name and adds a new subfolder named Samples.


What folders come with PaperPort?