To browse through item thumbnails

A quick way to locate your PaperPort items is to visually browse through the thumbnails on your PaperPort desktop. Each thumbnail is a small graphic representation of your document or photo.

PaperPort shows large, clear thumbnails of all your scanned documents and photos, including:

  • PDF documents

  • Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Word Perfect, and other documents created in popular software programs

  • Image files in many formats, such as BMP, TIFF, JPEG, and MAX

To display thumbnails, click the Page Thumbnail button on the Desktop ribbon (desktop view) or on the View ribbon (Image View).

PaperPort doc thumb Browsing through thumbnails PaperPort thumb Browsing through thumbnails

Each thumbnail appears with an icon that identifies the program in which the file was created or is currently associated. This makes it easy and convenient to quickly see and find all different types of items on your computer.

PaperPort thumb icons Browsing through thumbnails

Click on a thumbnail to see image attributes. A small PaperPort read only icon Browsing through thumbnails icon indicates that the Read-only attribute is set for that item. A small PaperPort annotation icon Browsing through thumbnails icon indicates that the image has annotations.

PaperPort multipage item Browsing through thumbnails

When you select a thumbnail for a
multi-page item, you can scroll through the page thumbnails by using the Page Navigator in the upper right corner.


Click on the PaperPort button, choose PaperPort options Browsing through thumbnails Options, and then, on the Desktop tab, click Show file name extensions to see extensions in thumbnail view.



Browsing through thumbnails