To insert a page into a multi-page item

You can insert a page at any place in a multi-page PDF or PaperPort Image (.max) item.

To ensure that you insert the item at the correct place, first display the page where you want to insert the new PaperPort Image or PDF item. PaperPort will insert the item before the current page.

  1. On the PaperPort desktop, select the multi-page item.

  2. Use the Page Navigator to display the page that is to appear immediately after your newly-inserted page.

  3. Drag and drop the page onto the multi-page item.

    PaperPort places the page on top of the current page. If the current page is the first page, the new page becomes the first page.


When you work with multi-page PaperPort Image items, you can insert a new blank page into your multi-page item. This is useful if you need to place a separator or page divider.
Point to PaperPort new Inserting pages into a multi page item New, and then choose PaperPort new paperport image Inserting pages into a multi page item PaperPort Image Item in the PaperPort button drop-down list. PaperPort creates a new, blank PaperPort Image item and places it onto the desktop so you can then insert it into your multi-page item.



Inserting pages into a multi-page item