About the Page Thumbnails pane

On the left side of the PaperPort window, the Page Thumbnails pane displays the page thumbnails of a selected item both in desktop view and Image View.

To show and hide this pane, choose PaperPort thumbnailview About the Page Thumbnails pane Thumbnail on the Desktop ribbon (desktop view) or choose PaperPort page thumbnails About the Page Thumbnails pane Page Thumbnails on the View ribbon (Image View).

You can perform the following page thumbnail operations: reordering, inserting, appending, cutting, copying, pasting and deleting pages. These operations are only available for PDF files (both on the PaperPort desktop and in ImageViewer) and MAX files (on desktop only). The operations are not available for read-only files either.

Before you carry out operations in the Page Thumbnails pane, you must first select the thumbnails to work with. Selection is presented with a blue box.

To copy, cut or paste pages use the shortcut menu or the Ctrl keys: <Ctrl C> to Copy, <Ctrl X> to Cut and <Ctrl V> to Paste.

About the Page Thumbnails pane