PaperPort Options: All-in-One Search tab

Click the Desktop Options button PaperPort options All in One Searchon the Desktop ribbon.


In the All-in-One Search tab, you can specify whether you want All-in-One Search to run automatically each time you add a new item or modify an existing item, in addition to how long PaperPort should wait before starting the update process.

You can also view or delete the All-in-One Search log file that records any error that might occur when you add files to the All-in-One Search index.

  • Do not save text data from image files for ‘View Text” — Select this to save disk space, but the OCR must run each time you click View Text. If turned off, the extracted texts are saved in hidden files for future viewing.

  • Automatically add any new or modified items after system has been idle for — Instructs PaperPort to update the All-in-One Search index for new or modified items after your computer has been idle for the specified amount of time. Clear this checkbox to turn off the automatic update process.

    In the minutes box, enter the number of minutes PaperPort must be idle before starting the update process. By specifying the time, All-in-One Search does not update while you are using PaperPort.

  • Refresh item thumbnails while updating — Ensures that item thumbnails are up to date.

In the All-in-One Search Log area, click View Log to display the All-in-One Search log. Click Delete Log to delete the log file from your computer. A new log file will be created the next time All-in-One Search operations encounter an indexing error.

Note that if there are no errors, PaperPort does not create a log file and both the View Log and Delete Log buttons are disabled.



All-in-One Search