PaperPort Options: General tab

Click the Desktop Options button PaperPort options Generalon the Desktop ribbon.


In the General tab, you can set whether to display certain prompts, dialog boxes and tooltips, whether updates are to be detected automatically. Furthermore, you can select a default zoom value for Image View and choose the OCR language.

Startup Folders

  • Startup folder — Specify a folder that should be displayed when starting PaperPort.

PaperPort pp professional icon General

In PaperPort Professional, you can specify folders both for the upper and lower Workspace.

  • Startup folder for the upper desktop — Specify a folder that should be displayed for the upper desktop when starting PaperPort.

  • Startup folder for the lower desktop — Specify the folder that should be displayed for the lower desktop when starting PaperPort.  


  • Prompt for new folder name and color — Each time you create a new folder, display the New Folder dialog box in which you can specify the name and color for the new folder.

    When this checkbox is clear, PaperPort uses the default name specified under Folder options. Each new folder is sequentially numbered; for example, New Folder (2), New Folder (3), and so on.

  • Show all confirmation dialogs — Display confirmation dialog boxes in which you can confirm or cancel an operation. By default, the checkbox contains a check mark, indicating that all confirmation dialog boxes will be displayed.

    To prevent the display of a particular confirmation dialog box, simply select Do not show this message again in the dialog box itself. This action will clear the Show all check box. Select the Show all checkbox if you want all confirmation dialogs to be displayed in the future.

  • Show dialog when last used scanner is not connected — Display the No Scanner warning dialog box. You have the following choices:

  • attach the default scanner,

  • choose another scanner on the Scan or Get Photo pane, or

  • work without a scanner connected. 

  • Show SET Enhancement dialog —  Display the SET Enhancement dialog box. If this option is turned off, the last used settings will be used whenever you want to make image enhancement on Normal PDF files in Image View. Only Image PDF files should be enhanced in this way; all other PDF flavors are better enhanced in PDF Viewer Plus or PDF Converter Professional.

Toolbar Buttons

  • Show tooltips — When you rest the mouse on a button, display the name or brief description of the toolbar button.

Automatic Updates

  • Enable update detection — When this checkbox is marked PaperPort can detect and report updates automatically.


  • Default Zoom — The selected default zoom value is used whenever you open an item in Image View.

Apply Default Zoom when changing pages — If turned on, the default zoom value will be applied to succeeding pages of a multi-page item. If you zoom in a page, and then change to another page, the zoom value will not be inherited.

OCR Language

Select a language for text recognition. Language selection is important for accuracy.