PaperPort Options: Item tab

Click the Desktop Options button PaperPort options Itemon the Desktop ribbon.


In the Item tab, you can set the default file name format for imported items and the default file type for items that you print to the PaperPort desktop.

New Item

  • In the Name box, enter your own file name convention or select a date format from the list. When you select a date format, PaperPort will use the current date when naming new items.

  • To change the default numbering scheme, select your preference in the Suffix list.

    In the Suffix list, select ( n) if you want PaperPort to append numeric suffixes (2), (3), and so on; for example, Document (2), Document (3), and Document (4).

    The digit settings — nn, nnn, and so on — enable you to create names that are easily sorted in file lists. For example, select nn to name items Image 01, Image 02, Image 03 — or, select nnn to name items Image 001, Image 002, Image 003.


Use the Output tab in Settings – Scanning Profile to specify the name format for scanned items.

PaperPort Image Printer file type

In the selection box, choose the default file type for all new items that you print to PaperPort while working in another program. The choices include:

  • PaperPort Image (.max)

  • PDF Image (.pdf)

  • PDF Searchable Image (.pdf)

Click Properties to display the ScanSoft PDF Create! Properties dialog box and specify other settings for PDF documents.