PaperPort Options: Scanner Buttons tab

Click the Desktop Options button PaperPort options Scanner Buttonson the Desktop ribbon.


In the Scanner Buttons tab, you can assign a scan profile to a scanner button. Before this step, you have to assign PaperPort to a scanner button by choosing Scanners and Cameras in the system Control Panel. The results appear in a list with the following columns:

  • Scanner — This displays the scanner type assigned to PaperPort.
  • Button — This displays the scanner button name. Scanners may have more than one scanner button.

  • Profile — This shows the profile name assigned to the selected scanner button.

Click Edit to change the profile assignment in the Select Profile dialog box that appears.

Click Remove to delete the scanner button — profile assignment. The next time you push the scanner button the Select Profile dialog box will appear to let you assign a different profile.

Scanner Buttons